January 7 2020

One Man’s Quest To be the “Butterfly Guy” of Milwaukee (OnMilwaukee)

Candidate hopes to bring an ecological focus to Milwaukee’s Common Council

Jason Auerbach is running for the open alderman seat in District 14, the Bay View position long held by Ald. Tony Zielinski.

But while he’s happy to talk about his ideas for Milwaukee, what really gets him fired up is the topic of monarch butterflies.

OCTOBER 8 2019

Jason Auerbach announces candidacy for Alderman in Milwaukee’s 14th District


Auerbach is a long-time resident of Bay View, and seeks to get involved with local politics as a means of improving his home community. His candidacy emerges from growing discontent with existing area politicians, and their lack of focus in addressing their constituents’ quality of life issues. As the only grassroots progressive running for alderperson in the 2020 Spring elections, Auerbach points to his self-starting non-partisan background as being key to his campaign.

When asked about his perspective on local politics, Auerbach stated, “Established politicians in this city always support other elected politicians. I want to make it clear that I am challenging the establishment and looking out for our people and local business interests.”

Auerbach has taken a strong stance against accepting campaign donations from any Political Action Committees (PACs), or other special interest groups. Donations from liquor license holders will be refused until Aldermanic privilege is reformed.

His platform addresses the need for lead abatement and housing solutions for the homeless, something he feels many politicians have not addressed to the community’s satisfaction. Equally important issues to be addressed include the following:

Limiting big-box housing developments in exchange for thoughtful, citizen-led business endeavors

Creation of more and better dog parks and bike routes

Increased municipal and public green space improvements, with a focus on milkweed presence — a plant crucial to the health of the dwindling Monarch butterfly population

Infrastructure improvements, including better pothole management and expansion of public transportation options

In a closing statement, Auerbach voiced his intention to disrupt the current political landscape ingrained in local government. “My desire is to fight hard for the interests of the people — working hard for better roads, transportation options, and lead-free homes.”

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