For the people, not the PACs.

What are PACs?

PACs, or Political Action Committees, are controversial organizations that raise private money to influence elections or legislation. They’re a way for special interest groups, lobbyists, and businesses to have a disproportionate voice in the political process.

(For example, a land developer might donate money to a candidate under the implied agreement that once elected, the candidate will work to lift zoning restrictions so the developer can build high-priced housing on previously inaccessible land. This creates conditions wherein a candidate is beholden to their business contributors as opposed to the constituents they were elected to represent.)

How will you work for us?

I want to serve the neighborhood that has served as my home for the last 14 years. I have no interest in using this position to leverage influence as a career politician. We live in a democracy, and an Alderperson should work for the people, and only the people. I am positive that together, we can work to make actionable changes that will benefit all of District 14.

My Vision

  • De-emphasizing politics, in order to do what needs to be done regardless of partisanship.
  • Only accepting campaign contributions from individuals — not special interests.
  • Not seeking endorsements that require elected officials to prioritize an organization over the needs of the residents it represents.
  • Continually listening to the public through conversations on the streets, regular town halls, listening sessions, and timely community meetings as topics arise.
  • Representing every neighborhood in the 14th district equally regardless of socio-economics or voting trends (which includes equal spending across all city owned assets and parks).

Aldermanic Reform

Showing Up

If you look at some of the attendance records or local politicians, they leave something to be desired — namely, due diligence, attendance, and commitment to civil servitude. I believe an Alderperson should act as a non-partisan civil servant, and I intend to do just that.

As Alderman, I will restore decorum, dignity, and a work ethic to the position, rather than treating it as a part-time inconvenience. As such, I pledge 100% attendance at Milwaukee City Hall. I will attend every meeting as it pertains to the health and well-being of our district’s residents and businesses. Beyond City Hall, I will be seen out on the streets daily, proactively addressing quality of life issues that affect our daily lives.

Aldermanic Privilege

Reforming Aldermanic privilege sits high on my list of priorities. Implementing term limits for city positions and eliminating special Aldermanic privileges are two changes I’d like to make to local politics. No one person should exercise such undue influence , remain in office for long periods, and at the same time collect campaign contributions related to the same matters they’re asked to administer. Particularly around certain special interests such as land development or liquor license distribution. Not because these groups are bad, but because the public deserves and demands transparency. Money and power are corrosive on our democracy, we can do better.

My Vision

  • I will do the job I was elected to do by pledging 100% attendance at all City Hall meetings required of the seat.
  • The establishment of term limits for city positions
  • Changing the system of Aldermanic privilege by delegating or distributing the sole powers to more democratic bodies or more broadly amongst the Common Council
  • Until such time as Aldermanic privilege may be reformed, not accepting campaign contributions from developers or liquor license holders


I am for anything that allows for people to leave their cars behind (or live car-free) while still being able to safely and cheaply get to work or play. Primarily focused on walkability and bikeability of the entire district and city. This includes the expansion of the Bublr Bike network and continued piloting of electric scooters. Such first- and last-mile transportation solutions improve everyone’s quality of life, as well as help alleviate traffic and parking issues. And most importantly, a general focus on overall safety no matter which form of transportation you are using.

Bike Routes

As a district and city, we all could benefit from building safer bike routes and connecting the entire city via continuous bike lanes. Not only do protected bike lanes make the streets safer for everyone, they also encourage bicycling as a primary form of transportation – helping to make our district greener and healthier. Where possible, I would like to see the expansion and creation of additional biking and walking paths, and connecting the Oak Leaf Trail.

Pothole Management

As your Alderman, I will be making routine passes through every part of our district, personally making note of any pothole or road imperfection that needs attention from the city. Our roads and our commuters could benefit from proactive and quality road maintenance, something that is usually only addressed after auto damages and resident complaints.

Reckless Driving

I am addressing reckless driving through effective road engineering and a focus on educational opportunities. Additionally, I’ll work with law enforcement to periodically address activity in targeted areas. Effective engineering solutions can change driving habits and should be addressed early on when the local residents voice concerns, not after a major or fatal incident. The city has made historic engineering mistakes or traffic patterns shift over time. We can adapt to these challenges more quickly and safely versus employing numerous stopgap approaches that cost us more money and time overall. We can accomplish all of this on top of ensuring proper educational programs are provided to our young adults. We deserve and demand this safety.

My Vision

  • Safe transportation
  • A walkable, bikeable district
  • Expansion and protection of the bike lane network
  • Innovative first and last mile transit options
  • Proactive and quality road surface repairs
  • Address reckless driving through engineering and education
  • Revisiting and reviewing the road engineering on streets such roads as Howell Ave, Oklahoma Ave, Clement Ave
  • The strategic assistance of law enforcement on hot spots

Green Space Improvements

A Pet-Friendly City

In 2019, Milwaukee was named one of the least pet-friendly cities in America. As Alderman, I will facilitate the development of more dog parks and work to implement a Trap, Neuter, Release program for feral cats.

Pollinators Matter

Monarch butterflies are crucial to pollination. Like many other pollinators, their population has been compromised with the mowing of milkweed and wildflowers, the rampant use of pesticides/insecticides and overall habitat loss. As Alderman, I would like to see less use of pesticides and insecticides, and more planting of milkweed and wildflowers to support the dwindling population of our pollinators.


The 14th district is bordered by the Kinnickinnic River and Lake Michigan. These are treasures and sources of beauty, recreation, relaxation, economic activity and an abundance of life. But they are in trouble, and are suffering from historic contaminants, pollution such as litter, historic engineering mistakes, and continued runoff from multiple sources amongst a list of other concerns. We as a water-centric district and city need to focus on these waters.

My Vision

  • Adding a large dog park to the 14th district and repurposing our existing dog park to the “small” dog park.
  • Working with key stakeholders to change certain laws and implement an effective Trap, Neuter, Release program for feral cats.
  • Restoration/reclamation of city owned parcels that are non-porous, blighted and detracting from our quality of life. To be returned to wildflowers, trees and native vegetation.
  • Reviewing the large-scale application of road salt. With a focus on implementation of proven and innovative techniques to use less salt more effectively. Resulting in a healthier area, cost savings and continued safety.
  • Relocating or reducing the storage of salt on Jones Island. With possibly converting some to enclosed facilities. And the return of some of these lands to higher economic and ecologic value.
  • The Milwaukee Estuary being removed from the EPA’s Area of Concern Designation.
  • Leading twice annual district-wide litter clean ups. With the expanded use and proper pickup of more street side trash and recycling receptacles


Housing Developments

I pledge to continually advocate for more single, and multi-family housing units, with an emphasis on a mix of lower-income and senior housing developments. I’ll push for large-scale apartment complexes to work with their neighbors, esthetically fit into their surroundings, and include green space, trees, and proper provided parking


As a city, one of the key issues we are failing to address is homelessness. The easy answer has always been something along the lines of supporting homeless shelters and non-profits. But the best solution isn’t always the easy solution. The most effective way to keep homeless people off the streets is by allowing them to retain their autonomy, something that many shelters don’t allow for.

Public Health

Lead Abatement

No source of lead is safe. District 14 and Milwaukee overall has a high concentration of lead service lines, and lead-based paint. As your Alderman, I will be a boots-on-the-ground change agent to make sure we continue to address this difficult and workable problem. For far too long we have worried about time and money, while nothing has gotten done. Yet thousands of our children test high for lead each year. The cost of these lead poisonings on our society and the children that persist into adulthood are unquantifiable. No family should have to unknowingly expose their children to something that can be worked on and addressed systematically. This will not be fully corrected overnight, or within even the next decade. But doing nothing is worse than taking this problem on. I will continue to talk about, and advocate for lead abatement until zero, or near-zero children test high for lead in the City of Milwaukee.

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