For the people, not the PACs.

What are PACs?

PACs, or Political Action Committees, are organizations that raise private money to influence elections or legislation.

How will you work for us?

I want to serve the neighborhood that has served as my home for the last 14 years. I have no interest in using this position to leverage influence as a career politician. We live in a democracy, and an alderperson should work for the people, and only the people. I am positive that together, we can work to make actionable changes that will benefit all of District 14.

Aldermanic Reform

Showing Up

If you look at some of the attendance records for local politicians, it leaves something to be desired— due diligence, attendance, and commitment to civil servitude. I believe an alderperson should act as non-partisan civil servant, and I intend to do just that. As alderman, I am pledging 100% attendance at Milwaukee City Hall. I will attend every meeting as it pertains to the health and well-being of our district’s residents and businesses.

Aldermanic Privilege

Reforming aldermanic privilege sits high on my list of priorities. Implementing term limits and eliminating special aldermanic privileges are two changes I’d like to make to local politics.


The Hop + Rideshare Programs

Some of the funds used on The Hop could have gone to other purposes especially in the time of our constrained budget. Now that The Hop is here I want to see it succeed in connecting people to their daily destinations, and that the 14th District as a whole benefits from it.

I am in support of transportation programs like Bublr bikes and the recent scooters that populated our city this summer. While the scooters have faced some challenges with road safety, I think if we build awareness around these programs and encourage safe practices, they can continue to be an environmentally friendly and fun method of last-mile transportation.

Bike Routes

As a district, we all could benefit from building safer bike routes. Not only do protected bike lanes make the streets safer for everyone, they also encourage bicycling as a primary form of transportation – helping to make our district a greener one.

Pothole Management

As your alderman, I plan on making routine passes through every part of our district, personally making note of any pothole or road imperfection that needs attention from the city. Our roads and our commuters could benefit from proactive road maintenance, something that is usually only addressed after auto damages and repeat complaints.

Green Space Improvements

A Pet-Friendly City

This year, Milwaukee was named one of the least pet-friendly cities. During my time as alderman, I would like to facilitate the development of more dog parks and help implement a Trap, Neuter, Release program for feral cats.

Pollinators Matter

Butterflies are crucial to pollination, and like many other pollinators, their population has been compromised with the pruning of milkweed and the rampant use of pesticides. In my candidacy for alderman, I would like to see less use of pesticides and insecticides and more planting of milkweed to support the dwindling population of our pollinators.


Housing Developments

I would like for us to pump the brakes on big-box housing developments that continue to populate our district. Not only do these buildings increase traffic congestion, but they also detract from the look and feel of our district.


As a city, one of the key issues we are failing to address is homelessness. The easy answer has always been something along the lines of supporting homeless shelters and non-profits. But the best solution isn’t always the easy solution. The most effective way to keep homeless people off the streets is by allowing them to retain their autonomy, something that many shelters don’t allow for.

Public Health

Lead Abatement

In early October, the city of Milwaukee was granted $5.6 million for lead abatement efforts in low-income housing units. This is fantastic news for our city, and proves that we are ready and willing to fight lead poisoning, but it can’t stop here. District 14 has the highest concentration of lead pipes in the city, and as your alderman, I want to be a boots-on-the-ground change agent to make sure we continue to address this growing health concern.

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